Susan Xiao


Phone: +64 9 930 0200
Mobile: +64 21 202 0268
  • Susan has lived in Auckland for 10 years. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts from China and was an Associate Professor of Journalism in China. She then graduated Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting from Auckland University of Technology (AUT). She has demonstrated high Interpersonal, intercultural and business skills during her career.
  • Susan owned and operated a small business, learned Hospitality and Accounting in New Zealand also worked in different roles including sales. She has exceptional customer service and sales skills, professional knowledge & experience of business analysis. With her wealth of knowledge and experience she can help both vendors and purchasers to achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • She can speak English & Chinese (native Mandarin speaker).
  • She is Highly organised & motivated.

Susan移民新西兰将近10年,在中国10多年的记者生涯让她对市场经济走向和商业环境有特别的敏感! 来到新西兰这个美丽的国度,她学习过Hospitality和本科会计,也尝试做过自己的小生意,从事过销售和会计相关工作。她丰富的商业知识和职业经验将为您的生意买卖提供最好的建议和选择!

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