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Sales Manager/Business Broker

Office: +64 9 930 0200

Cell: +64 21 800 280

Craig(小朱)来自于中国上海,移民新西兰13年,在这片美丽的土地上读书,毕业,成家,创业。现在正式加入Link北岸生意买卖。作为公司的股东之一,同时也作为Marketing Manager(市场开拓经理),希望可以更好的为广大新西兰华人服务。

Craig came to New Zealand in 2002 and obtained a business degree from AUT.
He successfully run two cafés business in Auckland for more than 7 years. With his strong café industry experience, he can help both vendors and purchasers in order to achieve their earning goal. He lived in New Zealand for more than 10 years, very familiar with all business location which is valuable for the clients.

Craig is a specialist n selling café, restaurant, and sushi business all around Auckland. Last year sold one of very successful café business worth over $1.1 million, 2 large sushi business each of them was worth more than half million. With his wealthy café business background and personal connections with lots of café business owners, he always carries some successful hospitality business.

He can speak both English and Chinese.

Skills of Craig:
Negotiation, problem solving, communication, after sale customer care.

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